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Property Management

InterSource’s subsidiary in property management is Ariel Baltic SIA. Ariel  is one of Latvia’s largest property managers. Today, Ariel Baltic www.arielbaltic.lv manages over 175,000 m2 of properties including 70 buildings worth tens of millions of dollars. Ariel Baltic is a joint venture with Ariel Properties, one of the 10 largest facilities managers in the world.  The Ariel Properties manages over $ 2.5 Billion in properties covering over 2 million square meters in Israel, Czech, and Germany
Ariel Baltic offers professional property and facilities management services and maintenance consulting services through-out the Baltics. Ariel Baltic has well-trained professional management team supported by a computerized databases for optimizing facilities management and reducing property ownership costs. 
Ariel Baltic also consults on building design from the maintenance perspective. Ariel Baltic works to “design into” the building low maintenance costs. By engaging Ariel Baltic through-out the design process, owners can reduce their maintenance costs by up to 25% during the life of the building!
Ariel Baltic offers tenant management and property marketing for building owners. On average, the buildings Ariel Baltic manages are over 90% occupied. Some, like Jacob’s Barracks, is 97% occupied. Ariel Baltic manages over 100 tenants including the European Commission, Italian Government, Royal Netherlands Embassy, United States Government, Alcon, British Airways, BankServiss, Servier, Tebodin, Linstow and the American Chamber of Commerce.

Ariel Baltic Clients

Current Ariel Baltic clients include InterSource (www.intersource.lv), Linstow, Hansabanka (Saules Akmens), Central Market, and Lattelekom.

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